ProductCamp San Diego is Coming in 2020

Join the Organizing team for PCampSD

Join the organizing team of ProductCamp San Diego for the first meeting to begin planning our next unconference. We are looking for volunteer organizers to help book the venue, recruit volunteers, persuade sponsors, market the event, and have a hand in making our second ProductCampSD even bigger and better than the first!

Product Management Day at San Diego Startup Week 2019

Thanks for your support for this full day of product-focused workshops at SDSW19 on Thursday 30 May 2019 at the San Diego Convention Center.

ProductCamp By The Numbers

See the run-down of who participated in PCampSD 2018 and what they thought of it in our blog post featuring the results of our attendee survey.

While we’re getting ready, have a look at the PCampSD18 Sessions

Breakout Session 1  §  Breakout Session 2  §  Breakout Session 3  §  Breakout Session 4

Breakout Session #1

11 AM - Noon

Room 117

Stories for products

+ Storytelling is not a fad - it's who we are + Storytelling influence our world!

Michael Norton + Nathan Young

Room 112

Innovation and Design Thinking

Sean Van Tyne

Room 113

Moving into Management

What gets done behind closed doors for promotion?

Vidya Dinamani

Room 114

Pricing on the Go

Faisal Chaabani

Breakout Session #2

1 PM - 2 PM

Room 117

When Innovation and Marketing Intersect

Rhonda Moret

Room 112

How to attract investors and raise capital to launch your own product

Tyler Jensen

Room 113

Improving customer experience through Agile Innovation

Zac Lyons

Room 114

Speed Interviewing Recruiting Event

Speed interviewing to match employers and job seekers.  Advance registration is not required.

Job seekers: Bring copies of your resume.

Room 118

Mentor Matchmaking

Eric Weiss

Breakout Session #3

2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

Room 117

Planning Fallacies

Overestimate to much benefit and underestimate the time that it takes to do the project

Alan Buhler

Room 112

Translation from Product Vision to Engineering

Language that Engineers need!

Eric Weiss

Room 113

User stories and personas

--who is using the tool?

Thomas Cruise

Room 114

Training and Development for Your Product Team

A session for Team Leaders responsible for at least 2-3 Product Managers.

Jessica Sweeney

Breakout Session #4

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Room 117

What the heck is a product owner anyway?

Alicia Mcclain

Room 112

How to Execute your plan and build habits for success

Optimize your time

Rachel Gauvin

Room 112

How to Execute your plan and build habits for success

Optimize your time

Rachel Gauvin

Room 113

A-Z Job Searching Talk

+ Writing resumes

Wes Shoup

Room 114

Human centered design (shaping our future)

+ 4 trends in emerging technology

Celeste Combs


“What was your favorite thing you learned at ProductCamp San Diego?”

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