What is ProductCamp?

If you have never heard of a ProductCamp before, it is a decade-old “un-conference” for product professionals. By un-conference, it means that ProductCamps are in many ways like traditional corporate conferences, except that:

  • Generally, ProductCamps are free
  • ProductCamps are put on “by-and-for” the people who go
  • At ProductCamp, there are no passive “attendees,” there are only active “participants,” meaning everyone is expected to contribute in some way (e.g. presenting, volunteering, setup/teardown)

One of the best things about ProductCamps is that they are put on locally, which means that you can help to to start it! Becoming a ProductCamp organizer is a wonderful opportunity to network, connect with other product managers around the world, and gain new skills.

Meet Your Peers

Join a panel, discuss a challenge, learn from others in similar roles.

Opportunities to Speak

Attendees are also Presenters. Propose a topic!

Centrally Located

Free parking & easy freeway access at University City Center, near I-805 and SR-52.

Why Join Us?

We are a free user-organized community of product management & marketing professionals driving best practices through teaching, learning, and networking.

Stay connected with ProductCamp year-round. Our community gives you opportunities to share knowledge, learn from fellow product experts, and grow your career.

Who owns ProductCamp?

ProductCamp is an open-source conference format that anyone can organize. Organizers in each city collaborate informally to share best practices and help new 'Camps get going. Thank you to organizers in Orange County, Austin, Atlanta, Twin Cities, Dallas, ST Louis, and Silicon Valley for their help in advising the ProductCamp San Diego team!

Where are ProductCamps held?

ProductCamp is Global! ProductCamp was started in Silicon Valley by Rich Mironov, and followed up by Austin, Boston, and many other cities. Today, you can find thriving ProductCamps in almost every major city in the U.S., and many cities around the world.

In the spirit of BarCamp

BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences primarily focused around technology and the web. They are open, participatory workshop-events, the content of which is provided by participants.