Join us Saturday 20 October 2018

A one-day conference for Product people.
Sold Out For 2018!

We all want to get better at building great products, but it’s hard to get our heads up from our work to connect with our peers and develop our craft. For ONE DAY on Saturday 20 October 2018, we will lay the foundations of our product leadership community by gathering to share what we know. We will meet people struggling with the same problems we are, and share our greatest successes and our most educational failures. We will learn from those who have mastered what we’re learning and teach those who are learning what we’ve mastered.

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Pendo helps product teams understand and guide users to create product experiences that customers love. They enable product teams to understand product usage, collect user feedback, measure NPS, assist users in their apps, and promote new features.

Directions & Parking

Parking at UC San Diego (UCSD) Extension University City Center is FREE.
The address is 6256 Greenwich Dr, San Diego, CA 92122.

The Day's Schedule