ProductCamp is the largest grassroots get-together of product managers and product marketers. Active in more than 40 cities around the world, it is a one-day gathering of product leaders to share, network, learn, laugh and discuss. Sponsorship puts your company in front of product management and marketing communities before, during, and after the event.

ProductCamp is a unique opportunity to learn from, teach to, and network with professionals involved in Product Management, Design, Marketing, and Development, and visitors from around the world. Unlike traditional conference formats, ProductCamp lets the participants decide what is important and interesting, promotes face-to-face interaction, and strengthens the community.

Attendees join each year to learn about new PM strategies, techniques, and tools, to engage with their peers, and to seek new opportunities. Attendees come from leading companies as well as startups and students. Whether you’re selling tools or services to product managers, or seeking to recruit new talent, ProductCamp is an excellent avenue to reach your target audience.

Who attends ProductCamp?

ProductCamp is attended predominantly by mid-level and senior product managers, with a modest number of product marketing managers and engineers also in attendance. Most attendees focus on enterprise and B2B-centric products, with a minority of attendees focused on B2C, B2B2C, or B2G markets.

A typical ProductCamp includes a wide variety of Product leaders:

  • Functions – 59% from product management, 12% marketing and product marketing, 5% engineering.
  • Level – 15% CEO/VP, 13% director, 59% manager.
  • Experience – 28% less than 5 yrs experience, 39% 5 to 15, 27% more than 15.
  • Industry – 49% software/SaaS, 10% healthcare, 6% financial services, 5% retail, 3% education/gov/nonprofit, 3% pharma/biotech.
  • Company size – Wide mix of large and small companies – 31% 100 or fewer employees, 23% 101 to 1000 employees, 30% more than 1000.

Why should you sponsor ProductCamp?

ProductCamp provides excellent visibility to organizations that target product managers, marketers, and designers. You will be demonstrating your support for the world’s deepest network of product professionals. ProductCamp events include a tremendous outpouring of interest and goodwill for sponsors. And by keeping this lightly promotional, we avoid participants feeling “hard-sold.”

Employees of sponsors are invited to participate in the event as members of the community – rather than as representatives of their companies. Note that content selection will be based strictly on participant voting, with no preference for sponsors. Speakers and panelists are asked to keep their material free of advertising and not to promote specific services and products.

ProductCamp San Diego 2018

The first ProductCamp in San Diego, and the only ProductCamp event in Southern California in 2018.

Audience Reach

San Diego has a thriving and globally recognized tech ecosystem, and we expect to draw attendees from elsewhere in Southern California as well. Participants often travel long distances to attend.

  • We expect between 100 and 200 attendees at San Diego’s inaugural ProductCamp.
  • Our local email list is 900 strong and growing, has been grown organically, recently, and shows healthy engagement.
  • We are actively building our nascent social media channels and are committed to tending them and attracting significant followings.
  • Our organizing team has strong ties to prominent local organizations who are poised to help ProductCamp San Diego reach the right people in the region.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Your sponsorship will help us to provide a quality program to attendees and we are committed to helping you achieve your sponsorship goals. To provide the best experience for both sponsors and attendees, sponsorships are limited in quantity and will sell out.  Join our 2018 Sponsors.



Sold Out!

Website Placements    
    • Company name/logo on event web pageLargeLargeMediumSmall
    • Company name/logo on event ticketing pageLargeLargeMediumSmall
    • Invitation to write a guest blog post21  
Email Placements    
    • Inclusion in pre-event attendee emails321 
    • Inclusion in post-event attendee emails2111
    • Inclusion in community-wide email1   
Social Media Posts    
    • Dedicated Tweet(s)5321
    • Dedicated Instagram post(s)211 
    • Dedicated Facebook post11  
    • Dedicated LinkedIn post(s)1   
Event Presence    
    • Recognition from the stage at the event✔✔✔✔
    • Occupy a sponsors table during the eventDedicatedSharedShared 
    • Invitation to address attendees at the event:60   

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