Veronica Ford

Veronica Ford

Speaker Recruiting

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Veronica is a versatile professional with extensive experience in a variety of roles who uses creativity, business acumen and human insight to solve business challenges, from—

• Creating a next generation product portfolio to stimulate growth in a mature business and meet newly emerging customer needs;
• To defining a ‘rapid-response’ product portfolio to stimulate sales and margins in a lagging fiscal year;
• To leading a rebranding, messaging, and packaging effort across a multi-billion dollar product portfolio with over 20M annual shipments;
• To reinventing a flagship sub-brand.

She takes a human centered approach to thinking about new products, helping team members do their best work, and looking at challenges and opportunities with a fresh lens.

Veronica is inspired and motivated by being part of the start of something; she relishes leading or being part of a team that is dedicated to achieving the same vision; she thrives on meeting challenges head-one with creativity and enthusiasm, and on making things happen.

Veronica is looking for opportunities where creativity, strategic thinking and human insight can help businesses grow or help new initiatives succeed.