Thank you for joining us for Product Management Day at San Diego Startup Week on Thursday 30 May 2019.

Following the success of our workshop series at SDSW 2018, the ProductCampSD team presented a second year of product management workshops, all on one day, all in one room!

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Meet Your Product Management Day organizers

Jessica Sweeney – Vice President of Product at Limelight Health. Jessica is also Lead Instructor for the UC San Diego Extension product management program and the Founder of ProductCamp San Diego. She leads speaker training for Startup San Diego, and speaks on product management and marketing topics for workshops and conferences, including TEDGlobal 2012, Startup San Diego, and 7CTOs.

Shirley Quach – Backend Software Engineer (Golang) at Circadence. Shirley is a skilled engineer with a specialty in security engineering. She is an alum of UC San Diego, with a degree in computer science.

Marlena Manulis – Associate Product Manager at Circadence. Marlena is a talented project and product manager, who gets things done with efficiency and customer focus.

Organizer’s Kick-off for ProductCampSD 2019

Thursday, May 30, 6:15 – 7:15 PM

Join the organizing team of ProductCamp San Diego for the first meeting to begin planning our 2019 unconference in October. We are looking for volunteer organizers to help book the venue, recruit volunteers, persuade sponsors, sell tickets, and have a hand in making our second ProductCampSD even bigger and better than the first!

You DO NOT need to pre-register as a volunteer — just show up and let us know how you would like to help.

You don’t even need a Startup Week badge, but if you buy one you will have access to a great day of content on Product Management Day. If you need help finding the room or gaining access, email Shirley or Marlena.

Who Attends Product Management Day?

  • Startup Founders and CEOs. The first head of product at any venture, you know your target market and their needs. You need to learn how to keep up to date, formalize your knowledge, and communicate it to the rest of the team. As your venture grows, learn when and how to bring in more talent to your product team.
  • Product Managers and Heads of Product. You are responsible for achieving product-market fit, so you immerse yourself in the world of your customers. That leaves little time for building your product skills together with your product management peers. Take some time to refresh your skills, learn a new technique, and connect with other product teams.
  • User Experience Designers. In highly effective teams, UX designers and Product Managers work hand-in-hand to deeply understand a user’s problems and provide effective, elegant solutions. Join us to deepen your understanding of Product Management and the essential skills adjacent to your own.
  • Software and Hardware Engineers. You are mastering the skills to build products, and you wonder how a company ensures they are products that customers want to buy. Learn the techniques product teams use to understand what to build and why, before they hand it off to you. Collaborate better with your peers in product management, ask smarter questions, and build amazing products together.
  • Students. You think you want to be a product manager, but it’s not clear where you start and how you get from university to your first PM job. Get hands-on experience learning the skills and techniques that product teams use to define and launch world-class products.
  • Project Managers. Do your colleagues confuse Project management and Product management? Can’t keep the titles straight yourself? Demystify this role with a title so very close to your own but with a very different focus.

So You Wanna Be On Shark Tank!

Refine your product ideas and learn the 12 steps needed to share your inventions with the world for fun and profit.

Workshop leaders

Babak Foruntapour
Babak Forutanpour

Head Of Research and Development, ecoATM Gazelle. Principal Owner, The Brilliant Company

Mary Fales

Patent Attorney, Principal at San Diego Patent Prep & Pros.

Robert O'Neill

Design Engineer at O'NEILL DESIGN

Download Workshop Materials

SDSW19 Product Management Day SharkTank.pdf

Every Conversation is Discovery :
Use your untapped resources to find product/market fit

Use every opportunity learn more about your customers, and learn interview best practices.

Workshop leaders

Jessica Sweeney
Jessica Sweeney

Vice President of Product, Limelight Health. Founder & Ringleader, ProductCamp San Diego.

Daniel Marashlian

Co-Founder & CTO, Portfolium, Inc. (Acquired by Instructure). Senior Director Of Engineering, Instructure.

Download Workshop Materials

SDSW19 Product Management Day Every Conversation is Discovery (Google Drive link)

The Power of ‘NO’ :
Use Prioritization to Unleash Optimal Business Value

Say no to the things that don’t maximum business value, and use a prioritization matrix to build consensus.

Workshop leaders

Steven Craig

Senior Director, Product at Mitek

Emily Hoelting

Head of Agile at Mitek

Download Workshop Materials

SDSW19 Product Management Day Power of No.pdf

Talking About Tech :
Communicating Complex Ideas Simply

Learn to explain a complex topic in simple terms using empathy and awareness.

Workshop leaders

Harrison Schaen
Harrison Schaen

Issue Fixers, CEO

Mark Lee
Mark Lee

Enroll Hero, CEO/Founder

What participants had to say last year…
Best workshop I’ve been in this year.
Thanks so much for your work!

Download Workshop Materials

SDSW19 Product Management Day The MARS Model Checklist.pdf

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