Why Join Our Team?

Make your ProductCamp experience even better by working side-by-side with other ‘campers. Organizers are needed for a wide variety of roles, and your commitment can scale to fit your availability — anywhere from a couple hours a week up to resume-building responsibility. Whether you like being behind the scenes or out in front, there are plenty of ways you can help ProductCamp to be a successful experience.

Your volunteer role can be tailored to support your goals.

ProductCamp San Diego is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive group of organizers, volunteers, and attendees.

Develop your skills

Helping to organize ProductCamp gives you the chance to develop and practice your skills in project leadership, coding and development, graphic and experience design, program planning, communication, and public speaking. Earn a resume-building accomplishment and reference by working alongside experienced professionals and mentors.

Meet new people​

Volunteering is a great way to meet peers and connect with leaders before, during, and after the event. As a ProductCamp organizer, you will be reaching out to the community with an engaging, impactful call to action, giving you a chance to develop a stronger relationship with professionals in your field and target market.

Build community

Community doesn't happen by accident. It takes each person individually deciding to get out and get involved. You can be part of building a local community of product leaders. The goal of ProductCampSD is to contribute to success and growth of San Diego companies (of all sizes) by improving our ability to build market leading products by bringing product leaders together to share best practices and form supportive connections.

How can you help?

Check out the interest areas below, then click the "Select your Role" button when you are ready.

Day-Of  •  Sessions  •  Volunteers  •  Venue  •  Social  •  Finance  •  Sponsors  •  Marketing  •  Special Events

On the day of the event, the Volunteer team will tell you everything you need to know to be helpful to your fellow participants. You will be part of making the day a success with minimal time investment.

(aka Speakers & Content)

  • Voting administration. Talk to teams from other PC cities to learn what they do. Decide & implement the session voting system, choose software tools. On the day-of, oversee session voting & give results to venue & schedule managers.
  • Schedule manager. Picking software to manage & publish the agenda. Administering the schedule & software.
  • Presentation coordinator. Design & distribute a presentation template for speakers to use. Get a copy of every speaker’s presentation to share with attendees, publish presentation archive.
  • Speaker recruiting. Publicize speaking opportunities, explain how speaking works at an un-conference. Create templates & forms for speakers to submit proposals.
  • Speaker gram generator. Help speakers publicize their proposed session with a tool to generate social media posts and emails.

(aka HR & Operations)

  • Registration. Plan and implement a smooth, quick process for checking-in attendees, and getting them swag, name tags, and info about the day.
  • Badges. We need stinkin’ badges. Design them, print them, get them ready for handing out. Have a plan for on-site registrants to have good-looking badges too.
  • Feedback. Decide how to get feedback from attendees, sponsors, and volunteers. Manage and publicize the feedback tool, share feedback in a way that people can use. Get as many people as possible to submit feedback.
  • Follow-up coordinator. When everyone else is exhausted from producing the big day, be fresh and ready to execute on the post-event to-do lists. Put the bow on the package for venue, sponsors, speakers, marketing, and volunteers.
  • Day-of coordinator. Be on-site the day-of to ensure the event runs smoothly. Understand the schedule, know who is in charge of what, arrive early and stay until the end. Help sort out issues that come up during the event.
  • Process coordinator. Air Tables or the tool of choice to keep track of all the things.
  • CRM administrator. Keep track of who is volunteering, working, and participating.
  • Volunteer operations. Ensure a positive experience for all our volunteers. Recruit, orient, and appreciate the people who help make ProductCamp a success.

(aka A/V and Catering)

  • Audio/Visual support. A microphone, projector, and power strip in every room.
  • Connectivity. Wi-Fi for everyone, in every corner. Plenty of bandwidth and lots of hotspots. Easy connection instructions.
  • Signs. Help everyone find their way by making helpful, enormous, beautiful, readable signs for all the things.
  • Session recording. Arrange video and audio recording of plenary and breakout sessions. Edit and publish recordings archive.
  • Venue manager. Process questions from UCSD contacts, gather requirements for room setup and communicate to UCSD and other stakeholders. Create floor plans. Keep lists of supplies to borrow or buy.
  • Food. Make food trucks happen. Promote food vendors to attendees.

(aka Networking & Community)

  • After-party. Plan and publicize the after-party.
    Networking. Help attendees to network effectively, give them tools, space, and time to do it.
  • Birds-of-a-feather. Organize a space and gathering method for birds-of-a-feather discussions during otherwise unscheduled time in the agenda. Publicize the gathering to participants.
  • Year Round Community. Gather input for how to connect participants year-round, whether it’s chat, online groups, small events, or other ideas.

(aka Legal & Accounting)

  • Ticket administration. Eventbrite account management. Define ticket types. Report ticket sales numbers. Define refund & transfer policy, and issue refunds.
  • Bookkeeper. Keep track of sponsorship and ticket funds in and expenses out. Pay vendors, manage petty cash, generate reports. Keep us from overspending and budget to ensure we have funds to carry over for future years.
  • Certification & Credits Coordinator. Research opportunities for participants to earn CECs or CEUs and other validation or credits, determine whether PCSD can meet program requirements, coordinate authorization and follow-up.

(aka Fundraising)

  • Sponsorship support. Figure out how to create a great experience on the day of the event for sponsors. Act a concierge to on-site sponsor representatives.
  • Sponsorship sales. Prospect cash sponsors, manage relationships, follow-up on payments, host sponsors on the day of the event.
  • Sponsorship packaging. Decide how to price and package sponsorship, talk to sponsor teams from other PC cities to learn what they do. Define parameters for in-kind sponsorship recognition.

(aka PR & Promotions)

  • Social media. Maintain a steady cadence of social media posts, choose and implement a social media posting tool like Buffer or Hootsuite, report on engagement. Grow subscribers.
  • Google Analytics analyst. Tell us useful and actionable information about our web site from Google Analytics.
  • MailChimp administration. Manage mail list, segments, groups, and data. Send occasional messages. Comply with best practices for privacy, spam, and data protection. Grow the list.
  • Videography. Record and edit a short event overview video (sizzle reel!) to highlight all the fun stuff we did and why everyone should be back next year.
  • Press & Media relations. Get press coverage in local and global media. Invite press to the event and ensure they have a great experience. Book PCSD leaders for interviews.
  • Advertising. Use paid placement to create awareness and increase event participation.
  • SEO. Use organic SEO to create awareness and increase event participation.
  • Graphic design. Beautiful and effective signs, postcards, business cards, digital images, social media cards, and whatever else you can think of.
  • Web site design. Visitor experience journey, content map, wireframe, graphics. Interactive and responsive elements. HTML & CSS code.
  • WordPress Admin. Translate web site design and content into simple WordPress templates.
    Web site content. Create new content for the web site. Update pages, add new pages. Recruit writers, graphic designers, and other new content producers.
  • T-shirts. Work with the design team to create a great looking t-shirt. Find & negotiate with a printer, arrange printing, shipping, and distribution logistics. Work with ticket admin to price & sell t-shirt tickets.
  • Executive outreach. Contact your network of product executives to recruit them as speakers and attendees.
  • Cross-border outreach. Translate content into Spanish. Get in touch with the product and entrepreneurial communities in Tijuana and nearby. Ensure that we are inclusive of cross-border volunteers and attendees.
  • Meetup outreach. Get in touch with meetup organizers in SD, OC, and LA to promote PCSD. Attend meetups, get organizers to send email, recruit volunteers and attendees. Schedule PCSD-related sessions at meetups.
  • School outreach. Get in touch with professors, instructors, lab heads, and coordinators at universities and colleges in SD, OC, and LA to promote PCSD. Recruit volunteers and attendees.
  • Mentor matching. Design and execute a mentor event on the day-of, figure out how and when to pair people, publicize to attendees, and make sure it runs smoothly.
  • Recruitment event. Design and execute a recruitment event on the day-of, figure out how and when to connect recruiters to job seekers, publicize to attendees, and make sure it runs smoothly.
  • Authors’ event. Design and execute an event for authors on the day-of (book sales, signings, readings, giveaways, or whatever authors & attendees will like), figure out how and when to promote authors, publicize to attendees, and make sure it runs smoothly.
  • Product executives event. Design and execute an event for chief product officers on the day-of. Figure out how and when to connect CPOs, publicize to executives, and make sure it runs smoothly.
  • Competition event. Design and execute an event to test product management skills and award prizes to teams or individuals. Figure out how and when to promote to participants, work with the sponsors team to recruit prize sponsors, and make sure the event runs smoothly.

Ready to help? Join us!